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Slant Ranch Holiday Poker Run

Saturday, December 16, 2017
Club Run
Scott Evans
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This another great Scott Evans run that happens every year. It is a day run around the El Paso Mountains near California City and Redrock State park. Always a fantastic day for everyone.

Event Reports

Slant Ranch Holiday Poker Run

Submitted by Bob Boltner on Mon, 12/18/2017 - 18:13
Slant Ranch Holiday Poker Run
Another great trip in the books! We had a great turn out with 13 vehicles in all. There were 4 prospective members on this trip. It's great to see the prospectives on trips. We met at the ranger station at Jawbone. From there we went to up the Nightmare Gulch overlook trail. We went past the Snow White mine site. From there we went towards Cudday Camp. Bill called out on the radio that his check engine-gauge light came on and his battery gauge was going down. With the wind blowing pretty hard where we were we made it to Cudday camp where the wind was not so bad. It was determined that his alternator was not charging. So Randy had a spare on on hand, but it would not fit. So I suggested that we tap the broke alternator with a hammer or something. So a magical rock was produced from nearby. With the Jeep running Bill tapped the alternator a couple times and like magic it started working. Problem solved! So from there we went into Last Chance Canyon. We made a turn off towards the Burro Schmidt tunnel. We stopped for a few photos. The scenery is so amazing in this area. We made it to the abandon hippy camp where there are a number of turned over cars and pick up trucks all burnt and stripped. After a few minutes we left and drove over to the tunnel where we had lunch. There were a number of folks that walked the tunnel. From there we went to Bickel Camp. The granddaughter of Bickel was at the camp and talked with us. It's so interesting hearing the stories and looking at all the old stuff. From there we went to the talc mines not far from there. We looked at the deep holes cut into the hillsides where the talc was removed. The wind was blowing like crazy. The sun was going down fast. So we made it to pavement. Through out the day at at few stops along the way, the people who wanted to participate in the poker part of the run choose a playing card. So after airing up our tires we saw who had the best hand. This years hands where not so good. I think a 3 of a kind was the best hand. So after each of us getting a prize, we loaded up and headed out. I'd like to thank all those that who could make it. I really enjoy this trip. It's a great time and each year is something new. Looking forward to the next trip. Scot