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Bob Boltner & Judy Hively



My step son Corey & I were looking for a project that he and I could build together. We kicked around a few ideas and we came upon a 4x4 build (rock crawler). We did some research and the Jeep sounded like the best bet.{ Great vehicle and an abundance of aftermarket parts.] We quickly found the OTR gang and attended our first meeting and we were welcomed right from the start. Our first rig was a YJ with open axles, 31" tires and a lot of crew enthusiasm and that’s about it, We did a Slant ranch run and quickly found out this was not going to work for us. We did ok but we wanted more. It was back to CL for a TJ. We sold the YJ to a neighbor and found a 97 TJ with a blown rear cheap. With the help of all the club members we bought some used axles and Corey and I installed the Full Traction long arm suspension. Some high clearance fenders, a set of used 35" wheels and tires for $250.00 (we thought we died and went to heaven), bumpers, rock slider and for Christmas we got a winch. Before you know it were wheeling with the big boys and having a blast. Our rig is a work in progress, but Corey and I now have a great father & son common love and it brings us closer together every day. That was the real reason we did this. But as a bonus deal we also made a whole new group of wonderful friends that we really enjoy. Update, we have ditched the old tired 4 banger in favor of a Chevy 4.3 Vortec and a 4L60E Automatic. We have also installed a Dana 300 flipped with a Box4Rocks doubler. 15" steel beadlocks and a Genright Sport cage. We are soon to install our new Genright rear corner guards to cover some trail rash as well we are installing new Genright rocker guards. She wheels great and climbs really well for her wheelbase. Some day soon I hope to stretch the WB out and bolt on larger axles. Keep you eye out for more mods and updates.