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Tony & Debbie Pellegrino


I am an avid off-roader and enjoy working on my own vehicles/equipment. I have a manufacturing background and really enjoy wheeling with my family & friends. I initally bought my YJ in 2001 as a tow vehicle behind our RV. It did not take long before I convinced my wife we needed a lift kit and bigger tires (33's back then). That is what started the domino effect for me on my Jeep. I have completly re-worked my Jeep 3 times now, each time getting it better and better. Now my Jeep proudly sits on Dynatrac Pro Rock 60's with an Air suspension and is ready to tackle just about any trail. I joined the On The Rocks off-road club in 2002 and enjoy wheeling with other people who respect the outdoors and are active in keeping trails open. As you can see from my pictures I have traveled to a few popular 4x4 destinations to test my driving abilities. In 2006 I took my 4 wheeling experience, enginuity and manufacturing background and co-founded a local company which makes cutting edge off-road parts for Jeeps.