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New Member Requirements

New On The Rocks (OTR) Membership Check List

  1. Have your vehicle safety equipment & pass inspection.
  2. Join the OTR YahooGroup (e-mail list). A Yahoo user name and password are required. This is where the club coordinates all our runs and a good place to ask 4 wheeling related questions.
  3. Attend at least 3 Club Meetings within 6 months.
  4. Attend at least 3 Club Runs within 6 months (1 Club party can count as a run).
  5. Fill out and turn in an Application for Membership to the Club.
    NOTE: Once your application is submitted to the club, the members will take a vote to "accept or decline" at the next scheduled OTR Members meeting. If your membership is accepted, you will be asked to pay the annual dues of $
    100 (which includes Cal 4 Wheel and CORVA memberships). At that time you can purchase OTR stickers and t-shirts.

Suggestions to Ensure a Smooth Membership in the Club

  • Observe all politically correct trail etiquette.
  • No Alcohol or Drugs on the Trail.
  • Be a good listener while you are a "Guest" of the club at meetings and on the trail runs.
  • Ask an OTR member to "sponsor" or look after you during your qualification, if possible. This will allow you to learn the future expectations of a club member.
    Hint: choose someone who lives near you or drives the same type of vehicle you do.
  • Meet and socialize with as many members as possible. If everyone knows who you are, you have a better chance of being accepted into the club!
  • Members are happy to show others "how to" do something, but it is important that you know your vehicle and become self sufficient.
  • Attending a Cal 4 Wheel district meeting is a HUGE plus to your membership consideration.
  • Attending a trail clean up is also a HUGE plus to your membership consideration.
  • Making one of your 3 runs a multi day run is a HUGE plus to your membership consideration.