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OTR May 2024 Meeting

Submitted by Mike & Kristina... on Tue, 05/28/2024 - 21:48

Club Meeting Minutes

A monthly meeting of On The Rocks, Inc. was held on May 28, 2024. The meeting convened at 7:00pm. President Bob Besch presiding.


Bob and Jessica this is their 3rd meeting. They did Miller Jeep trail a few weeks ago. 2016 JK Limited. They plan on going to Colorado. They have a motorhome as well and plan to camp. They have changed the fenders since going to Miller Jeep Trail and are shopping for more modifications.
Steve has been around for a while and trying to get his 3rd run.


President: Bob Besch:
-Welcome to everyone. Thanks for coming.
-Introduced the guests
-Brian will let us know a few dates for the July holiday party that he will be hosting tentatively.

Vice President: Kenny Lombino (absent)

Treasurer: Bob Marshall
-He donated $165 to the teeter totter fund. Usually keeps $2500 in the bank to avoid fees. Cal 4 Wheel membership stuff should have been received. There is $1000 to donate and we will discuss next meeting.

Secretary: Sheri Mallasch
-Minutes taken. Will be posting them on Facebook and the OTR website.

Education Officer: Steve Mallasch
-Transfer case gearing and differential gearing topic. What can I do to get more tork? He is driving an automatic, fully 4 wheeling. Been doing research on transfer cases, he can regear his transfer case. Now he is a 2.1 and would benefit from a 4. You have to regear your axel. On a 411 (represents the rotation of the rain gear as it rotates 4.11 times around). You get power with things turning faster. You need 4.0 transfer case for what they do in this group. Crawl ratio should be 65.

Safety Officer: Mike Sidlinger
-Topic for tonight is 1st the “rig we are driving and the safer it is” and the 2nd topic is “driver’s knowledge”. The more knowledge you have, the safer you are going to be. To gain knowledge, you need to be out wheeling. Not looking at it on line. Videos don’t show you angles. The vehicles capability has to do with one major thing, MONEY. You can save some money if you have the skill to do yourself. Garth is very good at welding and doing a lot of his repairs on his own. When they went to UT, Mike went off a drop and bent a strut (track bar) under his front end. He was able to take it in and they readjusted his from end and he was able to drive it back to CA. He realized, the track bar is junk, researched and looked at a lot of suspensions and from talking to friends, he made a decision and $7000 later, he got a new suspension, springs, shocks for his Jeep. Go out when you are wheeling and you will learn from people in the group that are knowledgeable and that saves you buying a part and realizing that it doesn’t work. You could have a capable vehicle and be knowledgeable, but that doesn’t mean you cannot roll over. We can all run into a problem.

Club Affiliate: Lyndol James

11-16 Jeeps in Sand Hallow, 1 flop over on John’s trail. Deemer’s broke his brake line, he didn’t have any extra brake lines, you should always carry a spare set of front brake lines for your vehicle. Rich tripped over his propane tank and had to have 37 stitches.
16 Jeeps went to Miller Jeep trail and there were no break downs.
6 Jeeps on High Desert Roundup started out, 9 Jeeps on the 2nd day. Took about 1 ½ hour to get through a very hard obstacle. Got to over 4000Ft and came back down and a small trail, John went up and he slid and ripped his tires. Sunday they did the teeter totter and not many showed up. Very windy.

Big Bear Extravaganza 6/19-6/23
West Lake 7/24-7/28 You need camping gear, tent camping. No RV’s. You need 5 gallons of extra fuel.



Dave for the flop over in Sand Hallow. Rich had a fuel pump die, no rear drive he broke some bolts on steering. Gary broke a front fender going up. Mike Deemer’s broke a brake line and loose battery. Bob broke a steering line. Mike bent his tie rod. John for his slashed tire.
Mike Sidlinger won the break down award by a landslide!!

Brian has 4 tires 35’s and have about 1000 miles on them, he didn’t discuss how much he wanted.
Steve has axels (front and rear) that he is selling for a 2023 JL and he has all the parts from his vehicle since he upgraded most things. No prices discussed.

Our next meeting is on June 25, 2024.

John O’Brian has done 3 runs and been to more than 3 meetings. He is a friend of Garth. He has a JT and he is building a buggy at home. He was voted in and is now a member of OTR!

The meeting was adjourned at 8:18pm.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024