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OTR Annual Snow Run - McGiver's Cabin - Saturday January 23, 2021

Submitted by Michael Whittington on Mon, 01/25/2021 - 12:45
Winter Snow Run (Location to be determined)
Participants: Mike & Laura W. Chad & Joanna O. along with two of Chad’s friends; Ross and Matt Kenny L. Rich and Corkey W. Bob Bo. and Yoyo Bob Be. Fred P. and Mitch Lyndol and Mary J. and son Dwayne W. with Daughter and Grandson When I posted up the run a week before the event, I checked the weather report for Mojave and had to look at it twice…snow next Saturday. What, really, no way. As the week progressed, some of us continued to watch and post weather updates, including during the extreme winds and higher than normal temperatures in our area of southern California. The reports still looked promising for snow. We had eleven vehicles on the run with lots of fun had by all. As I hope you have already seen with all the photos posted on Face Book we had snow!!!! Even better…we broke trail through 1-4” of snow depending on location to McGiver’s cabin located in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. There were no vehicle tracks in front of us all the way to the cabin, only critter tracks. The trail to the cabin was beautiful with fresh snow on the ground, frost and snow in the trees and light snow flurries throughout the day. You couldn’t have asked for a better. It was chilly (hoodies and medium jackets), but the wind was nonexistent to light. While at McGivers eating lunch, more vehicles (side by sides, Jeeps and motorcycles) started coming in and parking. They all wanted to play in the snow too. Getting back out was a little more difficult than getting into the cabin. There was still plenty of snow but due to all the vehicle traffic, it turned slick in spots especially the steep uphills. Everyone made it without too much difficulty except Dwayne. He had a bit of trouble climbing the long hill, started slipping and sliding and ended up on his side. No big deal and nothing really hurt; back on his wheels in no time and we continued on and then back down the mountain. After airing up we all said our goodbyes and headed for home. Thanks to all for making it such a great day. Mike W.