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Miller Jeep Trail 10/21/17

Submitted by Gary Martin on Sat, 10/21/2017 - 20:58
Miller Jeep Trail Run

Miller Jeep trail run report 10/21/17
9+1 Jeeps were able to Make the run. 7 Of us met at the Porter Ranch park and ride and departed at 6:30 AM. Some of us topped off our tank at flying J and proceeded to Big Johns restaurant for breakfast. In attendance were Gary Martin, Dwayne Wilson, Kenny Lombino, & guest, Fred Peterson, & guest, Bob Besch, Bob Boltner, Tim Regan, Damian Smith & 2 guests, Lyndol James & family.
After a great breakfast and a bit of gab we headed to the trail head. Bob Boltner pointed out that hunting season opened the week prior and we could expect some armed hunters walking the trail. As we pulled up to the trail head to air down it was obvious that Bob was correct. We started the trail and poked along for a few miles enjoying the blue sky’s light breeze and the fresh air. Bob did a quick survey of how many miles every one had on their Jeep. Looks like Bob Bolter has the most pushing 200k. To our surprise Kenny Lombino’s Jeep still has the break in oil in the crankcase With only 1,300 miles on it.
We made a quick stop and stretched our legs. In the distance we could see A blue Jeep all by itself pulling up. In our normal fashion we greeted him and introduced ourselves. As it turns out Tim & Brian were local folks from Westlake Village and had read our post on line about the run and had come to find us. That was the Plus 1 Jeep.
We stopped at the base of Miller for lunch & a bit of comradery with our new friends. After lunch we headed up the hill Kenny was a little challenged with the stock diameter tires on his brand new Jeep on one of the more difficult obstacles. His wench made short work of getting him going again. We were soon in the fresh air of the pine trees located at the top of Alamo mountain. We stopped to unlock the hubs before heading down the mountain to air up. We all agreed that the day was great fun and said farewell to our new found friends.

Gary Martin