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Big Bear Mountain Retreat


Friday, June 23, 2017 to Sunday, June 25, 2017
Club Run
John Cary
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This is a great weekend spent with the club up in the Big Bear area. There is a ton of trails to do as well dont forget to expolre the town of Big Bear Lake or take a paddle wheel boat ride on the lake. I hear its very nice. We will most likely stay at the Serrano Camp ground. Early reservations are a must.

Event Reports

Big Bear

Submitted by John Cary on Sun, 06/24/2018 - 17:06
Big Bear Mountain Retreat

Thanks for the comments. It was a great weekend with friends. For dinner, Saturday evening, there were 26 members, guests, family members and the food was gone at the end - A lot of hungry people. I would like to thank Wendy, who agreed to prepare the kabobs. It took time to cut and marinate, and skewer the onions, peppers and meat.

Now for the trip - I hope I get all the info correct as I did not take notes, so chime in.

Thursday John L, Dwayne, Rick and Bob B and myself did a short run in the evening. We were told of a new trail called The Squeeze and decided to try it. Since it was near the Gatekeeper for John Bull we decided to run it and then run the Squeeze. The JB Gatekeeper is no longer a gatekeeper. The trail past it has become harder. The Squeeze is off one of the trails to JB and all of us made it thru without any damage. Then back to camp for drinks, snacks and good conversation.

Friday we ran White Mountain west to East. It is a long drive to get to the start. Once you are off the east side it is a short run to Hannah flats and Fawnskin. Those going were John C and Gracie, John L and Mary, Dwayne, Bob M and son (forgot his name), Ric and Lisa, Bob B and Cathy, Mike and Laura, Chad, Joanna, Scott and Nash and some family members I am unable to remember their names.

The road up is one of the bumpiest roads I have been on. About half way up Mike announces his engine has quit. After several hours of hard work by many it was determined the short wiring harness for the coil was FRIED. Luckily there was an electrical bag with all the need items, a new harness was made and Mike was running again. We all agreed Mike should get the Breakdown Award. He tried to tell us that electrical problems were exempt and it is in the ByLaws. We are still waiting for him to show us.

Since I will not be a the meeting, my vote is for Mike.

The views from the top are spectacular to say the least. We all made it back and again drinks, snacks and good conversation.

Saturday we had 11 vehicles or should I say we had 10 Jeeps and another vehicle. John C and Gracie, John L, Bob B., Bob M and son, Jerome and Brenda, Ric and Lisa,

Mike W., Chad, Scott and Nash, Dwayne, Mike Demers, wife and daughters, and Gary.

Many of the Ladies did not go and went to town for lunch.

We left after I was able to find Mike and Laura and guide them to the campground in their brand new Phaeton. Prior to leaving I went to get in the Jeep and the right rear tire was totally flat. Luckily a plug solved the problem.

About half way up Gold mountain we ran into a stopped large group. Evidently one of the group in a Jeep on 35’s with a 35 rear end managed to push out both axles on an obstacle and they were trying to get it off trail. Would someone please post a picture? I know some were taken.

Just before JB Gatekeeper we stopped for lunch. At the boulder pile there was a Toyota pickup with a rear locker only and no winch trying to make it thru. After a while I went up and asked if we could go thru and he said no. After returning to out group and informing them the guy said no, Chad decided that was the wrong answer and persuaded them to let us thru. The 11 of us got thru in less time than the pickup had spent on the rocks. On another note about the group there was only one winch with six vehicles.

JB past the Gatekeeper is getting harder and a definite challenge. The pickup would not have made it or broke in the process.

Because of the time lost waiting for wheelers to get thru obstacles we decided not to run the Rock Pile and headed back to camp.

Dinner started around 6 with snacks and grilling started at 6:45. Kabobs were cooked to everyone’s liking. I think everyone was back to their coaches around 10pm.

A great trip with great people.

Thanks for coming everyone.

If I missed anything or was incorrect, please post.

Till the next rip – Stay safe!