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Annual Cougar Buttes End of Year Blast.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 to Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Club Run
John Cary
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This is the last run of 2017 and the first run of 2018. This is becoming one of the epic runs of the year. It draws a large group every year for the best of friends, wheeling, food, drink, games and fireworks. You can come for the week, just a few days or even a single day. We just hope that you can join us. Its always a hoot.

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Cougar Buttes

Submitted by John Cary on Thu, 01/05/2017 - 21:08
Annual Cougar Buttes End of Year Blast.

I forgot to take notes during the week so my days and information may be a little may be off. If you want to post any corrections, please feel free to do so.

The following attended - Cary's, Wohler's, Dwayne, Corneau's, Sullivan's, Labbett's, Larson's, Ric/Lisa, Whittington's, Scott, Jed+Friends.

Rich, Corkey, Dwayne and I arrived Tuesday afternoon. We met at the 247 Café for lunch. Very few rigs were in the area when we arrived. The first night was in the high 20’s.

Wednesday the Corneau’s, Sullivans, Labbett’s and Whittington’s arrived. Earlier in the day we ran Hammerdown and other trails. The night temp was still in the high 20’s.

On Thursday most everyone had arrived and we spent several hours in the Bullfrog, Cakewalk and Split Finger area. Later we did George’s Crack. The pictures give a good representation of George’s crack(Sully), except that I broke a rear axle and front hub.

As I recall, the next day one group went to Mottino and the Buggies/Scott/Whittington’s went to Riffel/Crowbar. Mike should keep his GenRight tire mount forever. It saved his and Laura’s potatoes. The pictures do it some justice. Scott ended up with a broken taillight. He had planned on staying two days but went home that night.

On Saturday. Zuki John, myself, DuWayne/Tina and Rich went over to do Prybar with other groups doing a variety of trails. I made it thru the first obstacle before my right front hub blew again.

New Years Eve was spent in the Man Cave with plenty of hors de oeuvres and good company.

We had a GREAT News Year’s Breakfast with way toooooo much food. Most everyone left after breakfast. Zuki John, myself and Rich went to run Crowbar. We made it ¾’s up before Zuki John twisted a rear drive shaft and I managed to break a front ring gear trying to get John out. Luckily, we were able to get everyone turned around and headed back to the entrance and limped back to camp.

On the 2nd the Cary’s, Corneau’s, Wohler’s and Ric/Lisa left early morning.

Again, if I missed anything or screwed up a date, please post.

I am looking forward to next year.